Sunday, March 22, 2009

Google map feature

I am sure that this is not news to most of you. But it was to me. I just discovered the "street view" feature on Google Maps. I cannot get that view of my house, but major Metro area seem to have it covered. Even Main St. in Ellicott City, MD has a street view feature. Type in the address and then click on the "pin point" for that address and then if the street view feature is enabled, then the "Street View" option will appear. It can be used to "walk" a route (click the arrows) or to look around (use the joystick feature).

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Social Networking???

Ok Ok...I bit the bullet and signed up for and linkdin. I did so for the purpose of reaching out to others in the field of education to exchange ideas; to maybe see what others are doing; to maybe connect my classroom with another in Florida or South America. So far I have tw "friend requests" form current or former students, my uncle looking for a new job, a former girlsfriend and one mariage proposal. Am I missing somehting? What is the point of an on-line presence if it is full of junk?